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Wild Edibles

Did you know your yard or nearby field is full of delicious edible plants, more nutritious than store bought food, and completely free for the picking (with permission of course)


Dewberries are wild black berries, find them along fences and forest edges! beginning to ripen in early May! Perfect for jams jellies and cobblers! Or just gobble them up before you make it home!

Spring Greens

You know those boxes of "Spring Greens" you buy at the grocery store? This is what Spring Greens really are!! Dandelion, Dock, Prickly Lettuce and Wild Mustard all grow in abundance are PACKED with nutrients and are free for the picking!

Honey Flow!

Honey Bees are the Queens of foraging! They do the work and we reap the delicious healthy bounty!

Rose petals

Did you know, that if you have roses that don't require any spraying, that you can eat them?

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